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CEA Chartered Engineers & Associates

Our Contribution


CEA Chartered Engineers & Associates offers its customers a wide range of services. Most of them are related to manufacturing, logistics, IT and professional process oriented project management. Looking at the type of projects most frequently asked by our customers, it can clearly be stated that QPIP - Quality and Productivity Improvement Programs are our #1 product (approx. 40 %) followed by Interim Managment & Support projects as #2 (approx. 20%).


Project Categories

In the following the projects we run are classified according to their mission into six categories:

  • Instant savings,

  • Increased returns,

  • Increased performance,

  • Risk reduction,

  • Increased awareness and

  • Increased proficiency.

Each category represents a number of programs or projects. What we do and what we achieve per category is shown below.


Category A: Instant saving & Increased returns...


Category B: Increased performance  & Risk reduction...


Category C: Increased awareness & Increased proficiency...


For more information about the type of projects mentioned above  don't hesitate to contact us. We will explain you in detail their specific goals, targets and outcomes.