CEA Chartered Engineers & Associates

The Goal:
Lean Production - least cost, highest output, best quality, ... , just in time


Our History:

CEA Chartered Engineers & Associates has been founded originally in Germany in the early 90th by experienced production engineers and scientist who focused on the improvement of productivity and quality in the automotive and electronics industry. In the year 2000 CEA established a first project office in Dubai while managing the IT-implementation processes for Dubai Internet City and the setup of the Data Centre and ISP services. In between CEA has grown to a well respected partner of European Companies and is running projects not only in the Gulf Region but in India, Singapore, China and Japan, too.





Our Assets:

Based on advanced manufacturing principles such as Lean Manufacturing, TQM strategies and methods CEA Engineering Teams are able to cut cost in manufacturing, improve quality to six sigma and make flexible manufacturing according to customer orders no longer a vision but reality.






Our View:

We see production respectively manufacturing as the heart of a company but the requirements defined by customers and all the "surrounding"  departments have to be met in absolute harmony otherwise the company might not survive under global market conditions. The highly qualified CEA Engineering Teams are experts in synchronizing all the different views and interests to maximze productivity and quality.